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Journal 476 (2022)

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The 2022 edition of the Journal of The London Society. Contents: CONNECTIONS WITH BIRMINGHAM Bosco Lam ARTS FOR SOCIAL CHANGE Clare Richards THE MOST TALKED ABOUT CITIES ING Media LONDON SHOP FRONTS Emma J Page and Rachael Smith CONNECTIONS TO OTHER ORGANISATIONS Shawn Adams VALUING AND PROTECTING OUR CONNECTIONS WITH OLDER LONDONERS Jonathan Mitchell CREATING COMMUNITY Lauren Teague RETHINKING URBAN MOBILITY Josh Fenton CONNECTING TWO CITIES Sadhav Kidao DIVERSE CONNECTIONS Bianca Baidoo CONNECTIONS WITH THE RIVER THAMES Phil Hutchinson COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS Michael Squire TWO BRIDGES OVER THE REGENT’S CANAL Ezra Groskin SEEKING SACRED CONNECTIONS Shahed Saleem A LONDON NOTEBOOK Geoff Tuffs LOVE LETTERS TO LONDON BOOK REVIEWS Let Me Take You By The Hand: True Tales From London’s Streets Public House: A Cultural and Social History of the London Pub Unbuilt: Radical Visions of a Future that Never Arrived Curious Crouch End Migrant City: A New History Of London



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