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PLEASE NOTE: at this time we are unable to offer international posting Make sure you get the most important book on London to be published this year! What will happen to London in 2123? Will the City become a Venice-like heritage park for tourists?; or be an independent state? Could local food production feed the capital? How will we need to adapt to climate change? Will we become a techno-utopia, with Londoners’ lives in perfect harmony with Artificial Intelligence? How do we get a London that is fair and equitable for everyone? Nothing is certain except that anything is possible. One hundred years ago The London Society published 'London of the Future', a bold and visionary work, covering topics including city-centre airports and channel tunnels, as well as concerns about pollution, housing and access to public space. We’ve created the second version. This new book sets out how our city could and should improve over the next century. 2023's London of the Future will offer dynamic 100-year thinking about how our city provides for all of its occupants and its role on a larger global stage. Each contribution highlights a key concern for London and ways in which it can be tackled. This is the most important book on London to be published this year - support it to be a part of the debate about the future of our city. Contributors include Anna Minton, Roma Agrawal, Baroness Lawrence, Professor Tony Travers, Hugh Pearman, Indy Johar, Jude Kelly, Mark Brearley, Carolyn Steel, Sarah Ichioka, Peter Murray, Yasmin Jones-Henry, Mark Stevenson, Claire Bennie, Kat Hanna, Gillian Darley, Smith Mordak, Neal Shasore and Grafton Architects. [London of the Future will be published in Autumn 2023. The book will be approx 240 pages, 245x180 mm, hardback with approx 50 illustrations.] (cover image (c) Adam Nathaniel Furman)



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